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suggestions and complaints

Mercier Vanderlinden Asset Management strives to deliver the best possible service to its clients. Therefore, we are happy to hear your suggestions, and if something did not meet your expectations, we are also interested in hearing your complaint.For all your suggestions, you are welcome to send an e-mail to your portfolio manager or to reporting@mvam.be.

In case you would have a complaint, you can:

  • contact your portfolio manager
  • send an email to compliance@mvam.be
  • send a letter to: Mercier Vanderlinden Asset Management c/o the compliance officer, Lange Lozanastraat 254 B-2018 Antwerpen.

Please inform us as clearly as possible, with full details and additional documents if helpful. Our compliance officer will treat your complaint as quickly as possible. If the information provided is complete, you can expect an answer within ten working days.

If you are not satisfied by the answer you received or have a different point of view than ours, you can contact Ombudsfin, the Ombudsman for financial conflicts, by:

Please note you can only contact Ombudsfin after having sent a complaint to Mercier Vanderlinden Asset Management and the received answer didn’t satisfy you or didn’t reach you within a reasonable delay.