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Management company: Degroof Petercam Asset Services; management delegated to Mercier Vanderlinden Asset Management



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Fund description

investment policy

The objective of the fund is to increase the value of your investment over the medium- to long-term. Under normal market conditions, the fund primarily invests in a diversified portfolio of equities and bonds from all countries worldwide, including from emerging countries.

The fund may invest directly in equities or bonds, or indirectly by investing in units of other investment funds or in certificates of deposit. In order to take advantage or hedge against market fluctuations, or for effective portfolio management, the sub-fund may use derivatives.

The Fund Manager will select the various investment classes, sectors and countries in a flexible manner, on the basis of macroeconomic and financial criteria. This fund is suitable for investors who understand the risks of the fund and who wish to invest for a minimum investment horizon of 3 to 5 years.

Technical Data

Fund Name: MercLin II SICAV
Manufacturer: Degroof Petercam Asset Services
Domicile: Luxembourg
Legal Status: SICAV subject to Part I of the Luxembourg law of 17 December 2010
Type of shares: Capitalisation & Distribution
Belgian Financial Service Provider: Banque Degroof Petercam S.A.
Custodian: Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg S.A.
Transfer Agent: Degroof Petercam Asset Services
Management Company: Degroof Petercam Asset Services
Manager: Mercier Vanderlinden Asset Management
Auditor: KPMG-audit
Maturity: Not determined
N.A.V. publication: De Tijd, L’Echo, www.merciervanderlinden.com and www.beama.be/en/nav
Minimum subscription: 1 share (0% Mercier Vanderlinden)
Subscription fee: Class F and R : 0% (Mercier Vanderlinden)Class C : Max. 3%
Swing pricing: No
Redemption fee: 0%
TOB on exit: 1,32% / max € 4000 for Class Cap, 0% for Class Dis
Taxes on Sicavs with > 10% in fixed income: Yes (30%)
Witholding Tax: 30%
N.A.V. calculation: Daily
Subscription/Redemption: Before 11am
Performance fee: No
Assets under Management:
Inception5: 31/12/2009

Risk indicator

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Lower risk
Potentially lower rewards
Does not mean a risk-free investment

Higher risks
Potentially higher rewards

The value of an investment in a sub-fund increases or decreases over time. At the time of resale, the price of your shares may be less than the original price, representing a loss. If you invest in a sub-fund whose currency is different from your own, exchange rate fluctuations can also reduce your gains or increase your losses.

The above risk level is calculated on the basis of the sub-fund’s volatility over the medium term (i.e. on the basis of actual changes in its value over the last five years or on a simulation, if the subfund was created within that period). The volatility of the sub-fund may increase or decrease over time, which may change its risk level.

The subfund’s risk level reflects the following factor(s):

The risk level does not reflect the potential impact of unusual market conditions or unforeseen events that may increase risk or trigger other risks such as:


  • Counterparty risk: the subfund can lose money as a result of the failure of a market player with which it does business.
  • Credit risk: risk associated with bonds becoming worthless when the issuer of the bond is not able to repay its debt on maturity.
  • Liquidity risk: some financial securities may be impossible to sell quickly at a given time or may have to be sold at a discount.
  • Management risk: under abnormal market conditions, the usual management techniques may be ineffective or unfavourable.
  • Risk of derivatives: some derivatives may increase the volatility of the subfund or expose the subfund to losses that are higher than the price of the derivatives.
  • Operating risk: in any market, and especially in the emerging markets, the subfund may lose some or all of its money if there is a failure in the custody of assets or in case of fraud, corruption, political actions or any other adverse event.

More information

Class Management fee Ongoing charge4 Prospectus KIID
Class F Link (PDF) Link (PDF)
Class R 0.9% annual 1.15% Link (PDF) Link (PDF)
Class C 1.3% annual 1.55% Link (PDF) Link (PDF)
Class R DIS 0.9% annual 1.15% Link (PDF) Link (PDF)
Class C DIS 1.3% annual 1.55% Link (PDF) Link (PDF)

In case of complaints concerning this fund, please send an email to compliance@mvam.be . If you do not obtain a satisfactory response, you can always contact the Ombudsman of the financial services sector through the website: http://www.ombudsfin.be/en/individuals/introduce-complaint/.

The prospectus, the KIID and the periodic reports are available free of charge from the Belgian representative of the financial agent: Bank Degroof Petercam S.A., 44 rue de l’Industrie, B-1040 Brussels. Every investor took note of the prospectus and/ or KIID and any subscription should be made on the basis of these documents.

1Source data: Bloomberg, Morningstar & Bank Degroof Petercam Luxembourg.

2These performance numbers are based on historical data and are no guarantee of future results. YTD: Performance since the 1st of January of the current calendar year. This is a cumulative return.

3 The return figures indicated above do not include commissions eventually linked to the issuing and redemption of shares, nor stock exchange turnover tax. Based on historical data, which offer no guarantee of future returns and can even be misleading. Performance is calculated on a cumulative basis for periods under one year and on an actuarial basis for periods of over one year.

4Ongoing charge: charges taken from the subfund over a year (including management fees), as published in the KIID.

5This fund was created in 2009 as a fund subject to Part II of the Luxembourg Law of 17 December 2010 on undertakings for collective investment and was converted to a UCITS in 2014.