Wealth planning

Wealth management is not only about investment strategy – nowadays it also includes wealth planning. In a world where legislation is becoming more complex, where wealth is becoming more international and families are changing, matters relating to the structuring of wealth and its transmission take on their full meaning.

Safeguarding and transfer of assets

The objective of planning is to ensure, in the long term, the safeguarding of wealth and its transfer. It makes it necessary to start off by asking the questions that will enable the objectives pursued to be determined. In many cases, there will be a need to draw up a overview of assets (and liabilities) and use it to define the strategic priorities.

Common sense and security

The chosen solutions must meet both civil-law- and tax-related objectives. They must be understood and accepted by all, without putting the stakeholders at risk. Hence, each wealth planning approach must be subject to specific monitoring. Whenever necessary, as a result of new legislation or changing needs, the wealth planning will have to be reviewed on a regular basis.

Taking the initiative

Initiative-taking, in other words making the decision to analyse one’s wealth and then implementing the conclusions, is the key to success. Belgian legislation, both civil-law and tax-related, offers a unique range of solutions, but only for those who decide to make use of the options it provides. Not doing anything, on the other hand, undoubtedly leads to the destruction of capital.

Our approach

We accompany our customers who so wish in the assessment of their wealth in order to inform and advise them about the available solutions. Depending on the situation, we can act as a partner of their own adviser (notary, lawyer, family office, etc.).
We are always looking for simple, efficient and transparent techniques to ensure optimal monitoring and perfect traceability of operations.