“Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old.”

— Winston Churchill

Carbon Neutral

Mercier Vanderlinden takes responsibility for its climate impact

Mercier Vanderlinden, the first carbon neutral asset manager in Belgium in 2016, remains CO2 neutral for the fourth consecutive year. With the help of CO2logic, the company managed to offset its emissions while in the process improving the livelihoods of families in Ghana and contributing to sustainable development.

As from 2015, Mercier Vanderlinden started measuring the total environmental impact of the MercLin Global Equity fund. This yearly assessment helps to understand the environmental impact of the investment decisions, monitoring closely which industries and companies contribute the most to the environmental impact. This assessment showed that the fund has 73% less climate impact and 45% less environmental impact than the MSCI AC World Index. There is always room for improvement, but it has been reassuring about the intrinsic approach to value creation at Mercier Vanderlinden.

Besides the acknowledgment of the high importance of conscious ethical investments, the company has also been monitoring its own carbon footprint since 2016, with a continuous effort to improve and find ways to reduce its emissions (e.g. through the move to green electricity and installation of solar panels, the decision to advocate for electric vehicles in the fleet and the energy conscious renovation of its offices).

Some emissions however are inevitable but still have a global impact with a high cost to future generations. This is why Mercier Vanderlinden decided four years ago to collaborate with CO2logic to become climate neutral and to take responsibility for its own impact, instead of shifting the consequences to society. Since then, the company has been offsetting its remaining emissions by supporting the Ghana cookstove project, bringing more efficient cookstoves to rural populations.

The Ghana cookstove project is gold standard certified; This means that besides the impressive and immediate ecological impact (keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere and reducing pressure on forests), it also supports other sustainable development goals (such as better health by better indoor air quality and increased women’s free time for education or other activities). With this year’s contribution alone, around 3.142 trees were saved and 3,5 hectares of forest were protected.